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Industrial Partner's wide range of reliable garden tools and equipment caters to both amateur gardeners and professional horticulturists.


We understand that poor gardening tools can damage plant tissue, making your efforts meaningless. We aim to provide only high-quality tools through extensive research and innovation, which also have lasting durability.  

What sets our tools apart is our operator-friendly design which, besides precision control, reduces worker fatigue.

Our tools use lightweight metal to improve the range of motion and reduce the strain on the gardeners.

This ease of usage makes our tools suitable even for beginners who don't possess the necessary skill set.  

We offer a wide range of garden tools under the inhouse brand PRIDE TOOLS™. 

Product Range

Forged Tools
Stamped Tools

We attribute the strength and durability of our shovels, hoes and prongs to our refined forging process. Click here to read more about & product range that we do under brand Pride Tools. 

Stamped tools are manufactured by hammering metal sheets and then cutting out desired shapes for tools or wielding them together. Click here to read more & product range that we do under brand Pride Tools.

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