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We take pride in our work, engineering each product with care at our facilities. 

Who We Are ?

Industrial Partner provides reliable solutions, and not just products - on time, every time!

Located in New Delhi, India and established in 2007, Industrial Partner is an Indian-based manufacturer and exporter of industrial machine knives, hand tools, lubrication equipment & replacement parts for the agriculture industry, with operations and services to companies in many countries across the globe.

We have earned the respect & loyalty of our clients by offering them products with unrivalled quality, durability, and overall value. We take pride in our work, engineering each product with care at our facilities.

With Pride Tools, our special division that focuses on the export of high-quality professional tools, we offer our clients technical consultation and solutions every step of the way. With our extensive industry expertise and broad in-house design capabilities, you trust the right company for your needs!

Our staff is focused on identifying your distinct requirements to provide you with innovative, cost-effective solutions that go hand in hand with your operational goals. Whether you need an off-the-counter item from our diverse line of products or a custom-made solution tailor-made to your needs, we can partner with you.

What We Offer?

Our product line consists of industrial machine knives, hand tools, garden tools, lubrication equipment & replacement parts for the agriculture industry.

For over a decade, Industrial Partner has been exporting high-quality custom professional tools. Our products are manufactured using the most durable and strongest materials for outstanding performance and exceptional longevity.

We pride ourselves on our values of excellence, creativity and innovation and direct our efforts to ensure we deliver products of the highest standards.


As a customer, you can expect only the best from Industrial Partner.

Our Strengths

Professionally Managed Company

We bring perfection with care, for us every single step matters.


Assured Timely Delivery

Quick service is our forte, saving both, your time and money.

High Quality Standards

Quality meets excellence because you deserve the best.

Highly Skilled Team

Sharp minds in execution keeping satisfaction in focus.

Our Values

Precision and accuracy are our trademarks. We have and continue to pursue our commitment to excellence. Whether it be high-performance tools or customer service, we ensure our values reflect in whatever we do.


We believe in providing easy-to-use, precise and accurate solutions unique to you and your requirements. Industrial Partner focuses on three driving principles that we believe matter most to our clients.

Short  Fulfilment  Times

We aim to deliver all our products within the shortest possible delivery times, ensuring you have the tools you need when you need them.

Consistent Top Quality

Industrial Partner prides itself on delivering tools made from high-quality material that give the best possible performance.

On-time Delivery

We ensure that the products are delivered to you on time, every time!

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