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Top 4 reasons to buy machine blades from Industrial Partner

All of your industrial needs are addressed by Industrial Partner, with the aim of increasing productivity and extending the life of your machines. High-performance machine knives and industrial blades made of high-quality materials, machined to strict tolerances and heat-treated to exact specifications are available from us. This ensures the long life of the industrial machine knives and blades, less regrinding requirements, and cost-saving on machine downtime.

Why quality blades are important?

When working in the field, it is crucial to remember that each technique necessitates a unique collection of equipment, hence, it is critical to entail high-quality industrial blades that are specifically tailored to your needs. Using the finest quality industrial blades can have numerous advantages, including lower replacement costs, marginal regrinding requirements, clean and precise cutting, on-time work, consistency, and accuracy.

Reasons to buy machine blades from Industrial Partner

At Industrial Partner, we place a high value on producing high-quality products in the shortest amount of time. According to the cutting application, the finest tool steel is used. Our blades are heat-treated to exacting standards after being processed on high-precision CNC machining centers. Our clientele includes resellers and OEM from the United States, Europe, middle east and Asian countries. We are regularly exporting our products to more than 20 countries worldwide which proves to be a testimony of our high-quality standards, competitive price and timely delivery.

We have an advantage over other firms in this sector because we offer our clients the following services:

Custom Blade Development Service

Blades that poorly perform or which are not appropriate can prove to be a costly issue. As a result, we provide you the machine knives and custom blades that are specifically tailored to your needs. The latest production equipment is employed, ensuring that work is completed with accuracy and without hindrance.

Rigorous quality checks

At each production stage, stringent quality parameters are implemented to ensure strenuous quality management and consistency. Each of our products is subjected to a thorough quality inspection that includes the following:

  • Checking for flatness and parallelism.

  • Checking of burr-free and clean cutting edge.

  • High precision measuring instruments are used to check close tolerances.

  • Inspection of all critical parameters for easy fitment on machines.

Furthermore, we assure the fastest production lead time to our clients.

Friendly and Efficient Customer service

Our customer service executives are extremely reliable to address any grievance our clients may have. In a matter of few hours, queries concerning our products, the use of our blades and all the concerned technical issues are both discussed and answered. We answer the phone when you dial.

Timely Services

We have a robust, efficient and high-quality supply chain, which is crucial for this industry to stay on schedule. We provide a quick delivery service in which the blades are produced and shipped to you as soon as possible.

We offer both flat and circular knives having application in the Paper Converting, Packaging, Film & Foil, Leather, Plastic Recycling, Metal Fabrication and Wood chipping industry.

Whatever your industrial needs, we can partner with you!

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