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Machine Blade Types And Their Application In The Paper Converting Industry

The significant changes in the paper industry have caused the paper to become exceedingly abrasive. The machine blades and knives of the future must meet this challenge head-on and provide tools that allow full capacity production using high-speed binding and printing processes. In the paper industry, the quality of the cut is key, and the application of high-quality paper processing blades and sharpening services is paramount. Most popular types of industrial knives for paper cutting application: Circular blades: Circular slitter blades, commonly known as slitter knives, are used for multiple applications in the paper industry, such as scoring, cutting, slitting, slicing, paper shear, creasing, and perforating. These circular slitter knives can be tailored to the purchaser's specifications, i.e., different materials, toothless or toothed blades, and different teeth configurations and edge styles can be opted for. Various materials are available for slitters, such as HSS M2, D2, SKD11, ASP, high carbon, stainless steel, etc. Guillotine knife or Cut off knives: These knives cut in guillotine style and can be customized using different materials and teeth profiles to meet user demands. The knives have a precision edge for cutting paper and can be made with several materials such as solid D2, T1 tipped, HSS inlay, etc.. For the reliable operation of cut-off blades, choosing the correct steel grade material for your application is necessary and plays a major part in the longevity of the blade. For this Guillotine knife manufacturers must make products highly adapted to customer applications. Some of the teeth profiles are as follows: Standard V, Vari Depth V, Scalloped, Peg style, slant style, etc. Straight blades: Straight blades are a durable and high-quality core cutting blade solution and are most suited for cost-effective and application-specific solutions for paper converting. These blades produce some of the cleanest cuts and can slice, cut, score, slit, crease, and trim the paper. They are highly customizable and can be built as per the specification provided by customers. Due to the balance of hardness and strength, they have proven to be cost-effective and easily replaceable. They are available in various materials from High carbon to D-2 and can be built using different configurations such as double blunt or double sharp. We at Industrial partner, provide a wide range of circular and flat knives encompassing all of your paper mill requirements from pulping to the paper conversion stage. Our comprehensive slitter blade range is applicable for conversions in multiple industries such as film & foil, leather cutting, cardboard cutting, cloth cutting, manufacturing of plastics and the tobacco industry. Our knives can be used for all common machine models, and we offer a variety of different grades and materials to best suit your requirements, such as HSS, Tool Steel or TC tip. Our mission is to provide high-quality and long-lasting industrial solutions to improve our customer's production quality and efficiency. Our team of remarkable experts realizes that customers have distinct requirements, and we support these demands by providing you the right products for your application. Whatever your industrial needs, we can partner with you.

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