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Industrial Partner Offers World Class Machine Knives & Blades

We are your partners for precision and accuracy, providing you with industrial machine knives & blades, honed to perfection. Our mission is to improve your production levels by providing you with high performance & long-lasting industrial machine knives & blades that maximize the life of cutting machinery.   


We manufacture & export top-quality blades and knives for a wide array of industries. Our team of experts understands that every industry places unique demand on their cutting edges & we support our clients by offering them the right product for their application. By manufacturing customized blades and knives, we maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Our knives are made from the highest quality materials, machined and ground to precise tolerances and heat-treated to exacting specifications. They are manufactured in modern facilities with some of the tightest process controls available in the world.

Our high-quality products such as circular knives and slitter knives are trusted across industries ranging from small businesses to large manufacturing units.

Our Product list and list of industries we partner with are exhaustive.

Large Paper Rolls

We offer a wide range of circular & flat industrial knives used for paper mills starting from the pulping to the paper converting stage. 


It doesn’t matter if you granulate, shred or cut for recycling; Industrial Partner has the complete solution for your cutting needs.

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Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 17-20-21 Metal

We offer a complete metal cutting solution for various metal processing industries like Steel Plants, Steel servicing/coil centers, metal fabrication companies, steel tower manufacturing, ship building & more.

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Palletizing knives are used in the extrusion of PET, PPT LPE and HDPE where the extruded material needs to be cut into small pieces – pellets.

Leather Craftsman

Leather cutting is the first and the most critical task in the manufacturing of leather goods—the neatness and finesse in cutting the leather impact the quality and finish of the final product.

Woman Cutting Fabric

The need for customization in the textile industry is paramount. Our machine blades for the textile industry is varied and customized

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