Messer für die Metallindustrie
Couteaux pour l’industrie du métal

• Guillotine Shear Blades
• Scrap Shear Blades
• Notching Blades
• Metal scrap Chopper knives

Industrial Partner offers a complete metal cutting solution for various metal processing industries like Steel Plants, Steel servicing/coil centers, metal fabrication companies, steel tower manufacturing, ship building & more. The company offers standard knives for common machineries as well as bespoke knives. As per cutting requirement, the company offers various steel grades like Alloy Tool steel, HCHC, High alloy shock resisting steel etc.

The correct toughness, edge retention & wear resistance of the metal cutting blades is achieved by using optimal raw materials and correct hardness as per applications.

We are capable of offering the Shear Blades of maximum length of 4000mm in single segment & having cutting capacity of up to 32mm thick material in cold condition. 

The Circular Slitter Knives can be offered of the maximum diameter of 600mm and with high tolerances

• Slitting Cutters
• Tube cut off knives
• Spacers (PU & Steel)
• Side Trimmers
• Bonded Stripper Rings
• Separator Discs